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6th Live Pure Conference: Halaga

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

We all make mistakes and are broken in more ways than one. But ultimately, there’s redemption in the fact that God loves us.

And while we’re far from perfect, these are beliefs we try our best to live by.

So when Catch21 was asked by Live Pure Movement to help promote their 6th Live Pure Conference in 2017, it was an opportunity to help spread the good word.

A Reminder of the Good Things

Over 8,000 youth gathered together at the Globe Circuit Events Ground, Circuit Makati, Makati City. The conference was called "Halaga" to promote the value of each and every person and to remind the youth of their worth in the eyes of the Lord.

As the first-ever Catholic Youth Festival in the Philippines, Live Pure curated the event to inspire the youth and entertain them with booths, counseling, confessions, and sessions for everyone.

Phenom and current Pinoy Big Brother housemate Alyssa Valdez graced the event and inspired the thousands in attendance with her story.

As the night went on, the event showed no signs of slowing down, with the young crowd staying so alive with the performances from Silent Sanctuary, Accord, Jegs Benedict, Unit 406, Jireh Lim, Mayonnaise, and Dj Kendii.

As the conference came to an end, everyone bid farewell to their old and new friends and we knew that it left its mark on the thousands of youth who were there.

We’re all about making a lasting impact with our projects and we’re still thankful to this day that we were a part of the Live Pure Conference.

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