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Catch21 Client Cradles Raises $5M in Private Funding

As a marketing team, one of Catch21’s greatest pride is being a part of our client’s growth and success.

We’re very proud that our friends over at have successfully secured $5 million in private funding.

The leading investor for the private round fundraising is Animoca Brands, followed by Huobi Ventures, Mirana Ventures, Folius Ventures as well as other veteran gaming industry and tech VC participants.

Let’s take a look at Catch21’s work with

Traveling Back in Time

Cradles: Origin of Species is a play-and-earn game developed by DRepublic that pays tribute to Earth’s early civilization. It is the first blockchain game to utilize EIP3664 NFTs to enable a groundbreaking entropy-increasing metaverse. AAA gameplay and an opportunity to earn is at the core of Cradles as well as a great community to back it up.

The game utilizes the power of AI and game engine advancement to provide fresh gameplay. AI is a huge part of the game since it also empowers the entire community and allows the receipt of additional rewards.

Cradles is a next-generation creative game completely built on a decentralized network. has both the innovation of game content and token mechanism. According to the game creators, DRepublic, they want to allow users to experience a world that taps into the capacity of the blockchain to create a living, breathing economy completely reliant on mass player interactions.

Catching Fresh Ideas with

As one of’s community leads, Catch21 is tasked with growing the community and keeping them engaged by moderating communities as well as engaging the comments section as the brand account on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and the like.

In addition, we’re tasked with sustaining the interest within the community, making sure that the community members are happy and fully engaged with the project in the different community platforms.

So what does that mean? We share updates and information, engage with the community, and organize events. In addition, Catch21 also conceptualizes, executes, and hosts engagement activities such as contests, giveaways, and AMAs. In short, we’ve got our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse of the Cradles community. It’s an exciting time to build communities like Cradles.

Some successful events that we spearheaded for included a “Word Jumble” event and the “Dragontar World Tour:”.

Playing Around

Word Jumble was a game night held not too long ago where members were tasked to guess the jumbled word (as if the title of the game didn’t explain it clearly enough). It’s one of the popular games held during our “game night” held over on Discord every few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Dragontar World Tour was a contest held for community members, which asked players to come up with an image of their favorite Dragontar across the world. What’s a Dragontar you ask? It’s a Cradles character, which subsequently has been minted into NFTs.

Members from all over the world joined the fun and sent in their creations.

AMA Let You Know

It’s all fun and games over at Cradles, especially with Catch21 around, but developing a new game also entails a lot of educating and creating awareness. That’s why we conduct regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything) held via Discord and Twitter Spaces, interviewing the Cradles founders on what’s down the road for the blossoming video game.

It’s a great way to connect with members and answer their questions.

Being able to see community and business growth with is something we’re proud to watch unfold.

And as we continue to celebrate these recent wins, one thing is certain. There’s plenty of work to do to build this upcoming brand.

We have many more fresh ideas for so stay tuned!

Looking for a professional team to grow your community? We can help. Contact us today.

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