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Eastern Communications Sales Rally: Ride to the Top

What a great day at work looks like. 

Congratulations to Eastern Communications on their 2024 Sales Rally  “Eastern Overlanders: Ride to the Top”.

Another challenge Team Catch was more than glad to take on. 

When we took on this challenge of helping conceptualize and execute this special yearly rally, we wanted to create as authentic of an overlanding experience as possible for the Eastern Communications sales team within the parameters we were given. 

The result? A first of it’s kind event for the First Pacific Leadership Academy where we converted a field inside the FPLA compound and the surrounding streets into “base camp” with food cooked and served straight from the rigs of Sarsa Kitchen and Overland Kings. 

Guests were also treated to an inspirational session on how to navigate the rough roads of success by Overland Kings Chief Adventure Officer and Lamoiyan COO Joel Pedro and a full day of experiencing the great outdoors as a team well into the evening. 

Also special thanks to Pauline Verzosa and Andrei Felix for hosting the whole day’s festivities and for Princess Velasco for serenading all of us into the evening with our beers in hand and the bonfire burning in the distance. 

We definitely enjoyed this “Ride to the Top”.

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