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It's been barely a month into 2022 and we need a drink. A strong one.

What better drink to make us forget these crazy times than lambanog.

But not just any lambanog. We've got Lakan.

Catch21 helped Lakan raise its glass during its soft launch last October 2014.

The True Filipino Spirit

Extra premium lambanog, Lakan, launched in the Philippines last October 2014 at Salon de Ning bar and lounge, Manila Peninsula.

Made by the Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc., Lakan Extra Premium Lambanog champions the Filipino tradition of distilling 100% coconut nectar into liquor. Inspired by the warrior title “Lakan,” the brand is committed to showing versatility and character with its liquors.

“We are excited to be launching a product that showcases that true Filipino spirits are world-class. We have craft distilled a lambanog that is meant to be enjoyed by the discriminating global citizen.” said Philippine Craft Distillers Inc. CEO, Anthony C. Manguiat.

Guests were able to sample Lakan at its purest form, which is described to be subtle yet fiery and with a smooth and strong finish. Lambanog cocktails were also available for guests who were looking for a fusion of Filipino flavors.

The event was hosted by Joy Ortega and David Celdran, and performances from Isabelle de Leon and The Company.

Exclusive guests were invited to this event to drink the night away. It was truly a night to remember.

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