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Modern Day Bayanihan: TELUS International Philippines Transform Lakan Dula High School

Modern Day Bayanihan: TELUS International Philippines Employees Transform 59 Classrooms at Lakan Dula High School for Telus Days of Giving

Bayanihan, from the Filipino word "bayan," which means nation or community, is the concept of people uniting as a community to accomplish a shared goal. Some may say that it’s rare to see bayanihan in this day and age, but when you share the same cause, nothing’s impossible.

It’s a special moment and it’s a rare occurrence. But that’s exactly what happened in this particular event for our client, TELUS International Philippines.

In partnership with TELUS International Philippines and No One In Need Foundation, over a thousand volunteers came together to transform 59 classrooms of Lakan Dula High School last August 12, 2023 as part of TELUS Days of Giving (TDOG).

Catch21’s role in this massive project was as simple as it was epic: to put everything together. Our responsibilities not only included ensuring that the preparations, repairs and refurbishments of the school went according to plan before, during and after the event, but also to handle the community building aspect of this large undertaking. From coordinating with the beneficiary representatives of Lakan Dula High School and the respective LGU units to garnering support from NGO partners for technical volunteers and other sponsorships, it was truly a community development experience that put the breadth of collective experience of TeamCatch to good use.

Brigada Eskwela

To prepare the walls of Lakan Dula High School for the upcoming school year, employees of TELUS International Philippines and volunteers from different groups all gathered at Lakan Dula High School on August 12, 2023 to culminate over a month of refurbishment, repairs and renovations being done around the school. Partner organizations were also deeply involved, and contributed in their own ways as technical volunteers such as the No One In Need Foundation, Manila San Miguel-Rotary Club, UAP CBD Chapter Page, Rotary Club of Mandaluyong Uptown, Vico's Artism Gallery, MFC Handmaids.

Despite the early calltime and the hot weather, the volunteers didn’t think twice to participate and spent almost 3 hours painting just to help transform Lakan Dula High School.

As the fresh strokes of paint dried on the walls of Lakan Dula High School's classrooms, the highlight of the event was clear: the unity that the volunteers all showed to make sure that this one school in the middle of Manila received a fresh school before the school year began.

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